Event Spaces

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The ballroom is the heart of Zentralwerk. It offers an open structure – regarding its architecture as well as its organizational approach – in order to enable various and spontaneous usages. It serves as a platform for staging art productions and collaborations by Zentralwerk e.V., but can also be rented for cultural and social causes at favorable conditions. Those renting can also use the support and various competences of Zentralwerk e.V. and its network when it comes to organization, implementation, technical support and public relation. Artists and initiatives on site regularly present their projects here and give insights into what’s up at Zentralwerk.

Small Hall

The space formerly used as a reception terrace received a new roof in summer 2015, and that is how the vision of yet another event space emerged.
With its size and neutrality, the room is suitable for different smaller event formats. It will be used in heterogeneous ways and allows all kinds of usages: rehearsals, neighborhood gatherings, a place for encounters, workshops, seminars, smaller readings, quiet concerts, children’s circus or yoga classes.
For now, the space is under construction: Its new roof is not isolated yet. A wall with an entrance door has to be built, the rotten windows have to be replaced by new ones, the inner side of the external walls have to be plastered, electricity and heating installed. In the long run, our dream is to put some paint on the walls, a cover on the floor, to install a foldable partition wall and some technical equipment. If you are a talented workman and have some spare time – contact us!

Gallery Kabinett

A new exhibition space with very particular charm called Kabinett has started its program with a web exhibition from spring to autumn 2016. However, in order to welcome real-life art and visitors, it still takes a little cosmetic surgery.
The name “Kabinett” refers to the history of the space as a back room of the ballroom. Culture lovers would meet in such rooms after an event to enjoy a glass of liquor and a cigar and dedicate themselves to the essential things of life, which usually was business. This constellation – where aesthetics are the ornamental pillar of economics and sometimes politics – is still valid today. The program of the gallery Kabinett will reflect on this relationship as well as many other things.
More important, however, is another meaning of the word: the cabinet as close and confidential advisers to politicians. As such, gallery Kabinett is dedicated to all things political in a private and private in a political sphere.